Shed Antlers For Sale

Set #1

Score: 161

 Price: SOLD

Description: Dandy picket fence 6 x 5 typical. This set is perfect and pretty to look at



Set #2

Score:  147 2/8

Price : SOLD

 Description: Beauty 4 x4  set off same deer as Set #3 Dark color and great shine. Flawless. G2 measures 12 1/8





Set #3

Score:  150

Price: SOLD

Description: Beautiful typical 4 x4 set. Dark chocolate color and long sweeping tines





Set #4

Score: 148 6/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Dark and fresh set. Picked up only days after dropped. Flawless






Set #5

Score: 155 2/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Beautiful 5 x 5 set. All around great set. Flawless condition



Set #6

Score: 153 2/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Tall tined typical.  Picked up fresh and in excellent condition



Set #7

Score: 171 4/8

Price: SOLD

Description:  Huge set with mega mass. Dark fresh color. Thick bladed tines. Flawless and beautiful



Set #8

Score: SOLD

Price: Please email for pricing

Description:  Monster set with dark sask color. Some of the best bladed brow tines you will find. Mint condition



Set #9

Score: 165 4/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Super dark knarly set. Awesome split brow tines. Great shape, few rodents chews on right beam



Set # 10

Score: 145 Class

Price: SOLD 

Description: Mega base. H 1's measure 6 4/8 & 6 2/8. Huge pedicle. Very unique set




Set #11

Score: 162

Price: SOLD

Description: Monster 5 x 4  typical frame. left side 74 typical right side 68



Set #12

 Score: 135-140 Class

Price:  SOLD

Description:  Huge first base measuring 6 0/8     6 1/8.  Flawless and fresh dark set