Shed Antlers For Sale


Single #1

Score 87"

Price: SOLD

Description: Huge Antler.  White but not cracked



Single #2

Score: 81 1/8

Price: email for pricing

Description: Huge 5 pt typical. Great shape spring found



Single #3


Score: 88"

Price: SOLD

Description: Mega thick shed. Narly and heavy. Dark  Fresh and Flawless



Single #4

Score: 77" 

Price: SOLD

Description: Clean and Flawless. Shiny and Dark. Found days after dropped




Single #5

Score 81 3/8

Price: Email for pricing

Description: Typical 6 pt. Very impressive, no chips. Picket fence shed



Single #6

Score 73 4/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Fresh and Dark. 1 small chip




Single #7

Score75 1/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Fresh as a daisy. Dark and Flawless. Still has blood on burr



Single #8

Score  73 2/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Dark Fresh and Heavy



Single #9

Score: 73"

Price: SOLD

Description: Clean 5 pt. Few small chews



Single #10

Score 73 3/8

Price: Email for pricing

Description: Dark and Fresh. Nice split G2. 1 chip on beam



Single #11

Score  89"

Price: sold

Description:  5 unique stickers by the brow tine. Big heavy antler. In great shape



Single #12

Score:  82 4/8

Price: email for pricing 

Description: 80" typical 6 pt. Unique curled drop tine. Shed is white with small cracks. No chips or broken tines.






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