Shed Antlers For Sale


 Monster 88 4/8 inch shed. This shed has a huge typical 6 pt frame along with a unique split brow and nice little droptine to make it stand up and display very nicely. Shed is in great condition. 

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Backside of Single #1

Single #2
Huge 7 pt shed scoring 89 inches. This big typical shed also has a kicker of g2 and a split browtine. Shed has great mass and still holds some dark color even though was found in later spring. This shed has a chip on the end of beam tip.
  Single #3. 
This shed is a HOG. Scores  86 inch  Big base and heavy tines it's sure to impress you while held. Big 5 pt typical frame and nice bladed browtine. Shed is in overall good condition only couple tiny chips and a bit of color loss

 A absolute beauty to look at. This 75 4/8 inch 5 pt typical is as nice as they come. Fresh flawless and great dark color.
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Single #5. Can you say chocolate! 72 3/8 inch 6 pt with unique flyer off g2. This shed is 100% mint.
   Single # 6. Three unique antlers that are all very nice display pieces. Heavy antlers with big base for a low price. All three are in excellent shape

Shed #7. Big 4x4 set with nice long tines. This set scores 153 inches and is in perfect condition. Won't find a set with much nicer color or shine

Shed #8. This set has a very unique double burr and double beam. Set scores 161 1/8 inches. The left antler is a 70 inch clean typical 4 pt and right antler has all the character. Set is fresh with good color and shine.