Shed Antlers For Sale


FRESH 2011 Grade A Antlers

Price: $15.00 per lb US

Size: Average 1lb 4oz


Fresh dark antler selling by the pound. All antlers are freshly found this winter. Antlers will not have any chips or chews and will be completley flawless. Will sell as many pounds as wanted. Shipping price will depend on how many pounds are purchased. If you want bigger or smaller in size we do have but price will fluctuate.


Grade B Antler

Price: $10.00 per lb US

Size: 1lb to 1lb 8oz

Description: Nice hard white antler with some lost color. These antlers are mostly all spring or late winter found. They will have no cracking or broken tines or bad chew marks. If wanted size can fluctuate which will also change the price per pound. We will sell antlers by the pound and any amount of pounds can be purchased. Shipping cost will depend on how much antler is purchased.



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