Shed Antlers For Sale


Set #1

Score:  182 5/8


Description:  Huge Boone & Crocket typical set. This set net 176 2/8 typical. Set has great color and palmaton, 2 small chips


Set #2

Score:  165 4/8

Price: SOLD

Description: Beautiful typical set with nice palmation Set has great color is flawless and fresh  as a daisy.



Set #3

Score: 157 7/8

Price: SOLD

Description:  A monster 5 x 4 set with dark  Sask bush buck color. This set has a 73 inch clean 4 pt right side. Huge 9 4/8 brow


Set #4

Score: 155 6/8

Price: Email for price

Description: Dandy 4 x 4 set that has it all. Great color, shape and mass. Brows measure 7 5/8 and 7 2/8. 6 inch and 5 6/8 h1's

Set #5

Score: 186 4/8

Price: SOLD

Description:  Mega heavy typical muley set. Huge bases all the way through. Biggest base is 6 7/8 inches


Set #6

Score: 190 Class

Price: SOLD

Description:  Tall tines and long beams. Left antler lighter than right. Priced to sell fast

Set #7

Score: 154

Price: SOLD

Description: Dark chocolate brown character set. Found just days after dropped. Set has unique stickers off right antler G2

Set #8

Score: n/a

Price: Email for price

Description:  Heavy unique muley set. Makes a great display piece



Shed #9

Score: 74 4/8

Price: SOLD

Description:  As pretty as they come.  This mega 4 pt is as nice of a display antler as you will find. 100 % mint and dark color

Shed #10

Score: 83

Price: SOLD

Description:  WOW  30 inch main beam. Monster 5 pt typical shed.  Dont come much bigger. Spring color. Overall good condition


Shed #11

 Score: n/a

Price: SOLD

Description: Heavy, dark, dense 4 pt. First 2 bases over 6 inches

Set #12

Score: 165

Price: SOLD

Description: Great fresh 6 x 5 typical with some extra stickers for character


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