Shed Antlers For Sale


Score: 216 4/8 inches 203 3/8 typical inches. 

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Description: This set is the most amazing set of antlers I have ever collected. A set that makes any shed collecter wanting to hold. This set we named the "Pipestone Giant". It was found fresh in the early 1980s in south eastern Sk. This set was found in the same valley chain as the world renowned "Flemming Sheds" which is rated as one of the top typical sets in the world. Maybe they share genetics or maybe they were just two of the biggest 5x5s to roam Saskatchewan. You just dont come across 5x5 sets as big as this one. This set has unbelieveable tine length with the G2s measuring 16-1 and 16-3. This set not only has a 203 3/8 inch typical frame it also has a beautifull droptine off the left antler with a huge blow hole making it the most eye appealing set I have had the chance to own. This set is for all of you shed hunters and collecters to look at and enjoy. They just dont get any better looking then this one.